About us

Main areas of activity:
1. Nursery Department:
Social care, health services and education for homeless children
Short term social care
2. Habilitation group:
Day social care for children with development disorders
3. Habilitation Department
Outpatient (secondary level)early rehabilitation for children with development disorders
Inpatient (tertiary level) early rehabilitation for children with development disorders
4. Scientific and educational services
Participation in undegraduated and postgraduated studies provided by Kaunas Medical Undreniversity (KMU)
A placement for clinical practice for students from KMU, VU, Kaunas College and KKA.


In 1885 Department for homeless children and orphans established in Kaunas city hospital. In 1900 this department was closed, the orphans were relocated to another place at Ožeškienės street 17. The shelter was called "Lopšelis".

On April 24, 1922 „Association for saving infants"is established. In 1923 m. this association takes over "Lopšelis".

In 1929 - 1931 Association receives 1, 5 million litas subsidy from the government and builds Center for saving infants "Lopšelis" for 280 orphans in Vilijampole.

In 1940 The Association is dissolved, the institution becomes property of states. It is named Republican Home for infants.

In 1986 Republican Home for infants was called specialized, because 86% of the children there had development disorders.

On January 15, 1995 Habilitation group for preschool children with development disorders and living in the families was opened.

In 1998 - 1999 Habilitation Department was opened. It has outpatient and inpatient departments where consultations and treatment are provided for pre-school age children with development disorders from all Lithuania. Republican Home for Infants is renamed Kaunas child development clinic "Lopšelis".

2001 The licence is given for Kaunas Child Development Clinic to provide early rehabilitation services of secondary and tertiary level for children with development disorders.

2008 Short term social care and day social care services were established.